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Our Services

'We teach from both ends of the lead'

At Settle & Stay, we don't just look at the beginning and end result of training. We take into account each dog's individual strengths and weaknesses, and mould the training to fit them, always setting your faithful friend up for success. 

Fun, kind and positive training, allows for speedier overall learning and an amazing bond between you and your dog.

Personalised 1-2-1 Training

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Some dogs learn best without the distractions of a class. With a 1-2-1 session, they will have our complete undivided attention.


We offer a multitude of different 1-2-1 options to accommodate all different dogs. 

1-2-1 sessions are brilliant if you want to work through specific obedience training, or would like to give your puppy or dog a wider education. From foundation level obedience up to intermediate/advanced training, we can cover it all. 

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Training Classes

From basic obedience, to scent work, we have classes to suit all dogs, from young pups starting their socialisation periods, through to the Intermediate dogs who want to hone their skills. 

We are adding new courses all the time, so check back regularly to see if there is a new skill set you would like to teach your furry friend. 

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On Hold.

Training Classes

1-2-1 Behaviour Modification

Does your dog have separation anxiety? Aggression towards people or other dogs? Perhaps she hasn't been properly socialised, or shows levels of resource guarding. Whatever the problem, we can help!

We take a nose to tail approach with our behaviour modification packages, with a range of services for everyone’s budget. Get it touch today and work through your dogs behaviour with our experienced and accredited behaviourist. 

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Behaiour Mod
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