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Meet the Team!

Settle & Stay has an absolute belief in a positive, modern, force free approach to dog training and behaviour. Guiding both you and your dog to make confident choices whatever the environment.


If we want to have dogs who listen and respect us, we have to be not only their companions, but also their protectors, playmates and teachers. All of these require a bond of love and trust between human and dog. 


Dogs are not humans, but they are also not wolves. They have adapted to live in a human family unit whilst keeping many different instinctual qualities which they would need if they lived in the wild. 


Modern day advances in science and psychology have moved today’s dog training methods away from the antiquated methods and ideology of dominance, punishment and pack leader mentality. Instead training is now moving towards positive reinforcement and behaviour shaping to produce confident happy well behaved dogs without the stress and fear responses induced by punishment and force.


Dogs are bright, sentient creatures with individual characteristics and personalities. The modern day trainer understands that training should be catered to the dog in front of you. There is not ‘one recipe’ that fits all, and a bespoke positive approach is one that our dogs deserve from us to bring out their best potential and help them comfortably fit into our domestic family .



Emma runs Settle & Stay, a graduate from some of the worlds leading behaviourist and dog training programmes. Emma gets her buzz from seeing life changing results from her clients hard work and dedication to their dogs. She finds the most job satisfaction when an owner realises the potential their dog has, and celebrates it. 

Emma likes: The smell of a new book, blankets and being inside when its raining.

Emma dislikes: Liquorice, citrus smells and horror movies.

Emma Brett-Phare

This is Jenny, an elusive creature is she! However, Jenny plays a major part in the Settle & Stay Team, being the backbone of the Social Media, she is the queen of puns and also mum to the mischievous Monty!

Jenny Likes: Cinnamon Buns, Aga's and quantities of tea.

Jenny Dislikes: Avocado, wire coat hangers and average speed cameras!

Jenny Brett-Phare

This is Tom, he is our business coordinator, from social media to the company vehicle, he’s an all around good egg and keeps the company ticking!

Tom likes : Cheap supermarket value trifle, the film: Fantastic Mr Fox and flossing. 

Tom dislikes: Mushrooms, Being cold and dancing! 

Tom Gilbert Marsh
Rosie & Monty

These two Scallywags are the fluff between the ears of the business, Rosie is a Sprocker Spaniel, and Monty an English Pointer... Both LOVE a good cuddle, but certainly keep us on our toes the rest of the time!

Rosie likes: Tennis balls, pheasants and chasing autumn leaves.

Rosie Dislikes: Things that blow air at her (namely hairdryers and people) and having a bath!

Monty Likes: Squeaky toys, reflective things and pretending to be a greyhound.

Monty Dislikes: Chicken, amazon delivery drivers, and lycra clad cyclists!

Two Naughty Dogs
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