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Puppy Socialisation Classes......... More than just a Party!

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

We offer a series of of 4 carefully structured socialisation classes which aim to gradually introduce your puppy to new and novel situations as well as the key skills to meet and greet other dogs with good behaviour.

Based in Hampshire, our sessions take place at 'Teds Place', Liphook - in a completely fenced paddock where you can feel secure and know your puppy is completely safe.

We introduce you to the key elements of a dogs body language to enable you to anticipate how an encounter will pan out. We also give your puppy the opportunity to encounter several different novel situations -whilst helping to reinforce positive confident behaviours.

Building trust and confidence in both you and your dog for times when they encounter things that to us may seem ‘everyday’, but that to your puppy may be scary, over exciting or intimidating - The baby buggy - the traffic warden - the twitcher with a tripod - the hi-vis jacket clad road worker - people carrying umbrellas - hats - rucksacks - all of which can trigger an unexpected response from our little 4 legged friends.....fight flight bounce or freeze!

Our aim is to build confidence in both you and your puppy, so that they can grow into a dog who is optimistic and positive about embracing the big wide world and the variety of situations and adventures that lie ahead.

If you are in Hampshire or Surrey, and looking for some organised socialisation event to help your new pup, then join us for four fun filled session, where we can work together with you, and your new furry companion to help foster sociable and happy puppies.

Book now online at www or click the link!

We can’t wait to meet you both!


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1 Comment

jenny Brett-Phare
jenny Brett-Phare
May 05, 2021

A well recommended and comprehensive course !

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